Playing movie clips in an empty movieclip handout. Also see the recording.

LoadExternalMovies.pdf LoadExternalMovies.pdf
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Download the Taebo original flash file

Taebo.fla Taebo.fla
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Triangle Documents


Triangle Concept.pdf Triangle Concept.pdf
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Full Movie Concept Structure.pdf Full Movie Concept Structure.pdf
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ConceptModel.fla ConceptModel.fla
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Other Downloads 

Make custom ringtones with Garageband.png Make custom ringtones with Garageband.png
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EDT 512 ID Plan Template.doc EDT 512 ID Plan Template.doc
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edt 512-spring 2010sylFlash.pdf edt 512-spring 2010sylFlash.pdf
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Type : pdf
constructiveActivitiesCBI.pdf constructiveActivitiesCBI.pdf
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Type : pdf


Embedding SWF files into Yola pages

Car Activity (from another University but the same materials)

Graduate School Association Grants

Digital Wish (monthly grants)